Thompson Falls Public Library

P.O. Box 337
Thompson Falls, MT 59873

Donation Policy

Donations are always appreciated and accepted during library hours. Cash donations will be deposited into the Library’s General Fund. Donations of materials are subject to the Materials Donation Policy as outlined below.

Materials Donations Policy:

Gift materials added to our collection must meet the same guidelines as materials we purchase.
We will consider adding materials that are:

a. Up-to-date,
b. Not unnecessary duplicates, and
c. Appropriate additions to our current collection.

Items not added to the Library Collection will be:

a. Given to the Friends of the Thompson Falls Public Library for sale to benefit the Library,
b. Given to a nonprofit organization,
c. Or otherwise disposed.

Thompson Falls Library

We can not accept encyclopedias and any items which may represent a health hazard, such as mildewed or moldy items.

Please do not leave donated items outside the library by the doors or on the back porch for safety and liability insurance reasons.

Donated materials are welcome and appreciated.

Even though some donations may not end up on the Library’s shelves, each gift will be reviewed by staff and handled accordingly.

We will be happy to give you a receipt for tax purposes at the time of your donation.

Please contact the library with any questions or concerns about our materials donation policy.

Thank you for thinking of us.

Reviewed and Adopted by the Thompson Falls Public Library Board of Trustees on September 12, 2017